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Ezüstcsillanás 2020/2021- Kodály Center

Kodály Series
For lovers of contemporary and „ideal” music

Ezüstcsillanás 2020/2021- Kodály Center

Musica Sacra Series
To be piritually and musically in tune

Ezüstcsillanás 2020/2021- Kodály Center

Pannonicum Series
Every Saturday for the lovers of the piano

Silverflash 2020/2021 - Müpa Budapest

Pannon Series
Five valuable Friday nights

Let the music ignite you on five Friday nights in Müpa Budapest! More »

Gold Standard 2019/2020 - Müpa Budapest

Pannon Series
Five valuable Friday nights

Our concerts provide a golden guarantee, that time spent at concerts results in quality relaxation, as well as becoming a time for collaborative music making. More »

Pannon Philharmonic performances extend a gold-backed guarantee, that time spent unwinding at our high-quality concerts will ripen into an opportunity for collaborative music making.
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Festival Choir

"We create energy and convey it to the audience. We bring a phrase from the concerts that we cannot erase from our minds."

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The Headquarters and Rehearsal Room of the Pannon Philharmonic

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