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Series for the Ones in Need

Kodály Centre

Conducted by: Tibor Bogányi

The Universe

Kodály Centre

Conducted by: Tibor Bogányi

Gold Standard 2019/2020 - Kodály Centre

Pannonicum Series
Every minute is worth gold

The Pannonicum series provides weekday busy bees with gold standard, quality entertainment over the weekend. More »

Gold Standard 2019/2020 - Kodály Centre

Kodály Series
Masterful collaboration

We’ll see many masters at our Thursday night season series, including concertmaster Zoltán Bánfalvi’s cello concerto played by Tibor Bogányi and conducted by Gilbert Varga. More »

Gold Standard 2019/2020 - Kodály Centre

Breitner Series
A universe of beauty and dignity

Throughout the Thursday series, Tibor Bogányi will again chauffer the audience to Bruckner’s noble paradise, but the series isn’t lacking in beautiful melodies either. More »

Gold Standard 2019/2020 - Pécs

Musica Sacra Series
For the holidays

The Musica Sacra pass will connect with traditional Christian holidays by selecting the most noble works of ecclesiastical music. More »

Gold Standard 2019/2020 - Müpa Budapest

Pannon Series
Five valuable Friday nights

Our concerts provide a golden guarantee, that time spent at concerts results in quality relaxation, as well as becoming a time for collaborative music making. More »

#NoBabel IV

Kodály Centre

Conducted by: András Vass

BeanBag VII

Kodály Centre

#NoBabel V

University of Pécs



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