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Attention! “We are with child!” Even at our concerts. Let us present to you our orchestra’s family events and activities for yet unborn babies to teenagers. More »

Are you going to spend your winter holiday in Pécs?

If you are staying in the city, unable to go home? A little relaxation and recharging your batteries would do you good, or would you enjoy a chill and a bit of company? We have musical events in store for you that will certainly hit it on the head. Whatever your mother tongue, wherever you come from, you will certainly understand the universal language of music: here, we speak the same tongue. More »

Beautiful fragrances, niche perfumes - Perfect gift for Christmas

Symphony of Music and Perfume... Our orchestra, the 210-year-old Pannon Philharmonic, has commissioned the perfume specialist, Csaba Bálint, to dream up the scent of our concerts and produce two unique perfumes – one for HER, and another for HIM – in honor of our jubilee celebrations. Discover the fragrances, discover the world and yourself with our unique, niche perfumes created by Csaba Balint - Parfums Balint! More »

Pannon Philharmonic launches concert series in the Musikverein in Vienna

As of 2021, our orchestra was invited to take to the stage of the Viennese Musikverein within the decades-long Meister der Musik Series. PFZ is the only Hungarian orchestra, under than baton of chief conductor Tibor Bogányi, that has been explicitly invited to launch a series in this highly prestigious concert hall. After the European Capital of Culture and the Hungarian capital, now the ensemble can present itself in the capital of music as well. More »

Let the kids come!

Even though it is important in the logistics of a family, the question is much more than just "what to do with the kids?". Not only can they come with us to the concert hall from now on (so you don't need to find a sitter to look after them or worry about what the older kids spend their time with on their own...), we can also enjoy several other advantages of the family-friendly programme of the Pannon Philharmonic. We will show you what makes it really valuable. More »

The subscriptions series of the 2022/2023 “Refrain” concert season

You are warmly welcome to the Kodály Centre or Müpa in Budapest in the 2022/2023 concert season. Reserve you seat as a subscription holder so that music can return to your life as a recurring Refrain during the entire cycle. It is an excellent way to relax and recharge your batteries, either alone or with your family or friends. PFZ is the only orchestra in Hungary to provide you with a Family Programme in the framework of which children between 6 and 18 years of age are entitled to free-of-charge subscriptions to any concert (within a subscription series) of the Pannon Philharmonic. If you are interested in this opportunity, please, contact Ms Blanka Tátrai at tatrai.blanka@pfz.hu. More »

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