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The more than 2000-year-old Pécs is a city of renewal. Its history is characterized by a series of initiatives surviving for centuries: the 1000-year-old Bishopric of Pécs, the 650-year-old University of Pécs, the 200-year-old symphony orchestra, the 170-year-old brewery, the almost 100-year-old choirs and an unparalleled built heritage. The inhabitants of Pécs are proud of their city, the people living and creating here enjoy the present through finding inspiration in past and trying to find out what opportunities the future can hold. In dark evenings, visitors are impressed by the sight as the streetlights are rising up to the hillside of the Mecsek like strings of pearls, and the lit-up buildings look like brilliant jewels. Pécs means something else to everyone, but one thing is for certain: everyone wants to be a part of the city a bit and take their shares of the treasures of this jewellery box ...
Besides the classical and popular music events, the renewed public spaces of the city, having a lot to offer in terms of art galleries and museums as well, convey Mediterranean lifestyle: residents and visitors can try the local Zierfandler, the most recent roses or the more full-bodied red wines as well as the craft beers on the cosy downtown terraces, and enjoy the best of not only Hungarian but also Balkan, Italian, Iberian, Middle and Far Eastern cuisine.
Families do their shopping at the local farmers’ market on Saturdays at Búza Square and offer ice cream of real fruit to their children running around the fountain at Jókai Square or whizzing by on their toy bikes at Sétatér (the Promenade), while swimming at the Orfű lakes or Aqua park at weekends, hiking at the Mecsek mountains, visiting the public playground at Tettye or going for a jog at Tüskésrét offer active recreation not only for the little ones, but for the entire family.
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All the above can be enjoyed not only by local residents but also by visitors to Pécs. In fact, concerts at the Kodály Center, theatrical performances, the Pécs Ballet, Bóbita Puppet Theatre or the Summer Outdoor Theater all provide excellent entertainment, while the summer Zsolnay Festival of Light, the POSZT theatre festival and the Domingo Festival satisfy the visitors hungry for culture
Thanks to the latest developments by the Bishopric of Pécs, one can admire the view of the city from the cathedral tower, take a look at the unparalleled treasures of the Bishopric Treasury, but those who wish to meditate and replenish spiritually can also visit the nearby Püspökszentlászló or Máriagyűd. Janus Pannonius Museum and the Zsolnay Quarter offer new and exciting attractions each year. The thematic musical walk by the Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra combines the city's rich musical memories along a convenient walk and leads to the Kodály Center concert hall VIDEO
Come to Pécs
If you do not know the city yet, it is best to take your first walk to the Széchenyi Square where you can choose from a number of thematic publications on Pécs and buy souvenirs at the Pécs Point at the bottom of the town hall, where, if you feel like it, local tourism experts can help you find out about more on the multitude of programs in town..

Useful tips on the places and programs our orchestra recommends you:


Before going for a walk in the city:



For culture vultures:
After listening to a concert by the Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra, do not leave the city before seeing:

The Bishopric of Pécs

World Heritage sites

Janus Pannonius Museum

Zsolnay Cultural Quarter

The National Theatre of Pécs

The Third Theatre

Pécs Balett


As you come and go:

Főtér wine bar

Pécsi Kávé coffee shop

Bazár Pub


If you are starving:

Pezsgőház restaurant

Elefántos restaurant

Szent György restaurant

Kikelet restaurant on the side of the Mecsek mountains


For some sweet temptation in the afternoon …

Jókai Confectionary

Trüffel Confectionary


... and finally, if you want to chill out after a concert:


Made in Pécs


If you come to visit with small children:
Babzsák and Csigaház concerts by the Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra in Kodály Center


Pécs Zoo

Mecsextrém Park

Bóbita Puppet Theatre

Family Theatre Festival

Zsályaliget theme park  (Pogány)

Planetarium (Zsolnay Quarter)


In case you arrive with teenagers:
NoBabel (14+) and film soundtracks concerts by the Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra in Kodály Center

With skateboard: Kossuth Square,+Kossuth+t%C3%A9r,+7621/@46.0737736,18.2278436,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x4742b19f97bc2f05:0xd5c4e18755743a04!8m2!3d46.0737736!4d18.2300323

Centrál Wakeboard Park, Tüskésrét lake

Mecsextrém Park

Parapark escape challenge

American retro-style restaurant


If you fancy visiting some other attractions near Pécs, and want to try some delicacies as well:

Orfű lakes  

Malomvölgyi lake and recreation parkölgyi+tó/@46.0197537,18.1966689,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x4742b30041bd220d:0x3777

Hetényi Vinery, Mecseknádasd

Almalomb Restaurant, Hosszúhetény

Kiskastély Restaurant, Bóly -

Villány wine region -

Palkonya -


Our partner hotels:

Corso Hotel

Hotel Palatinus

Szent György Fogadó

The Exclusive accommodation offer of the Bishopric of Pécs for the season-ticket owners of the Orchestra can be downloaded HERE



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