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The difference of harmony

Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano concerto in C minor Op. 37
Johannes Brahms: Symphony No. 1 in C minor Op. 68

József Balog – piano

Conducted by: Gilbert Varga

Concert estimated duration: 100 minutes
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Beethoven and Brahms. Even though the latter attempted to be treated separately from the first, music history often puts the two grim German bachelors and monumentally thinking pianist-composers side by side. Their compositions will be juxtaposed also this evening. Beethoven’s Piano Concerto in C minor is the harmony of opposites. The stern first and third movements are connected by the slow middle movement in E major, which is so intimate that even Romantic composers could proudly call it their own. Brahms worked on his Symphony No. 1 – the closing piece of the night – with great care for over 20 years, yet contemporary reviewers mocked it as Beethoven’s 10th symphony. Today, however, this question is often seen quite differently…

"Having met the orchestra three times within a short period of time has meant a lot to me, as I believe they are one of the most outstanding ensembles in Hungary today. Playing great music together has remained a memorable experience; two of these concerts have even made it to Müpa’s media archive. While I have known Tibor Bogányi for quite a long time, it will be the first time for me to collaborate with Gilbert Varga. Being familiar with his accomplishments, charismatic stage presence and the high musical standards he represents, I'm sure that our Beethoven-night held on the international music day will make a long-lasting impression." (Papageno)

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