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The harmony of difference

Paul Hindemith: Amor und Psyche – Overture
Richard Strauss: Burleske in D minor for Piano and Orchestra
Anton Bruckner: Symphony No. 3

József Balog – piano

Conducted by: Tibor Bogányi

Concert estimated duration: 110 minutes
Ticket prices: Jegyár: »3990 »4990 »5990 HUF » Those wishing to come to both of our concerts on 10 September and on 1 October are entitled to purchase a combined ticket with a 30% discount.
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We know plenty of German-speaking composers, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner, just to mention the best-known ones. Yet, we shouldn’t think that there isn’t something new for us in store. This concert features three musical rarities: the relationship between physical love and the soul has inspired several composers. Paul Hindemith’s ballet overture Amor und Psyche will be performed first, which will be followed by a piano concerto with the singular title “Burleske”. The composer Richard Strauss is best-known for his modern-sounding operas and tone-poems, but this piece of his is different: Romantic in style and ends in quite an unexpected manner. The evening’s programme will be closed by Anon Bruckner’s Symphony No. 3. Bruckner, who worked slowly and meticulously, dedicated this composition to his great role model, Wagner, which prompted him to make it infinitely perfect. Due to the frequent revisions, six versions are known to us today. We recommend this concert to everyone who enjoys indulging in the solemnity of German classical music.

"I am really keen on Richard Strauss’ music. I have worked a lot with his sonatas, songs, and I’m very fond of his opera Elektra, and I think the Trio in Der Rosenkavalier is one of the most splendid jewels of music history. I have been planning to play Burleske for quite some time, thus I’m very glad to have been asked by the Pannon Philharmonic to play its piano solo." (Papageno)

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