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The Spider and the Sea

Albert Roussel: The Spider’s Feast – orchestral suite
Reinhold Moritzevich Glière: Harp Concerto, Op. 74
Claude Debussy: The Sea (La Mer)

Xavier de Maistre – harp

Conducted by: Gábor Hontvári

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Nature, impressionism, Romanticism... Albert Roussel's name might not sound familiar in Hungary, but as Debussy and Ravel's contemporary, his tone is also impressionistic and frequently oriental. His ballet pantomime, The Spider’s Feast, is set in the "society" of a garden. The composer then rearranged it as an orchestral suite, which he initially titled Symphonic Fragments. Reinhold Glière is an even more curious phenomenon in music history: the Kyiv-born Soviet Russian composer wrote his harp concerto, evoking the 19th century and Brahms' music, in Stalin's shadow. Its melodiousness, harmonies, and idyllic and optimistic tone completely ignore the terror of its time. Only few composers dared to leave their own world so far behind. The programme also includes a popular piece: Debussy's The Sea. The colourfully scored composition may kick off our summer holiday, as we can feel the waves of the sea without having to travel long and while spending a day with Debussy on the seaside.



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