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From Pure Source Only

Peter Eötvös: Sirens' Song
Peter Eötvös: Cello Concerto Grosso
Béla Bartók: Four Orchestral Pieces, Op.12
Béla Bartók: Cantata profana

Sung-Won Yang – cello
Hungarian Radio Choir (Chorus master: Zoltán Pad)

Conducted by: Peter Eötvös

Season ticket prices: Full price / Price category I: 27.400 HUF, Price category II: 23.400 HUF, Price Category III: 18.400 HUF » For students and senior citizens / Price category I: 22.900 HUF, Price category II: 19.700 HUF, Price Category III: 17.500 HUF
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This concert is dedicated to the lovers of contemporary music and the universal Hungarian repertoire. Still, we can find many a classical link in it. In the first part of the concert, we can enjoy magnificent Peter Eötvös’ two pieces: the first of which attempts to revive in today’s language the song of the sirens constituting a part of our culture since ancient times and to make all that audible that Ulysses might have heard or wished to hear. Eötvös’ Cello Concerto Grosso is a novel composition rooted in long and great traditions, where the orchestra’s eight cellists form a group of solo instruments in intense interaction with the actual soloist, so the typical hierarchical setup of concertos shows in a different light here. Bartók’s works present their composer from two different perspectives. His Four Orchestral Pieces showcases a Bartók in an Impressionist universe, while his Cantata profana presents him as a folklorist-composer who passionately seeks the roots opening new perspectives and the ultimate drive behind things until he reaches the famous phrase: "From pure source only."



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