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Without Words

Gioachino Rossini: La scala di seta (The Silken Ladder) – Overture
Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Concerto in B-flat major, Op. 19
Carl Nielsen: Symphony No. 3

Mihály Boros – piano
Júlia Balázs – soprano
Zoltán Megyesi – baritone

Conducted by: Gilbert Varga

Concert estimated duration: 95 minutes
Ticket prices: 4.990 HUF, 3.990 HUF, 2.990 HUF - avalaible with immunity certificate and a photo ID
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Rossini – his sheer name makes some music lovers smile and brings in mind a perky, loveable, vibrant, virtuoso yet lyrical melody. Our concert will bolster these impressions starting with the overture of Rossini's opera The Silken Ladder, genuine Rossini music with consideration of the above-listed attributes. 

Beethoven – his name is the incorporation of strength, ambition, noble sentiments and pathos in musical circles. It particularly applies to the young Beethoven aspiring to unfold his wings as a pianist and composer, who we can hear in the tunes of his early Piano Concerto in B-flat major. To underline youth and originality, the young Pécs-born pianist, Mihály Boros, will solo in the concerto. What kind of symphony would you love as the cherry on the cake after such an overture and a concerto? Something great and optimistic, wouldn't you? Your wish is fulfilled: you can hear Symphony No 3 with the sub-title "Sinfonia Espansiva" or "expansive symphony" by the Danish composer from around the turn of the century, Carl Nielsen. The work is expansive in the sense that it requires an orchestra size that we could not work with previously during the pandemic crisis. Moreover, it is also true to its name in terms of key range, as it covers a key plan spreading from the initial start in D minor to a conclusion in A major.


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"As The Guardian put it, Misi Boros’ performance „reveals a sensitivity way beyond his years (…) technically his performances are confident and assured” even in pieces that require many hours of practice and skills from the part of a child.” (Papageno)

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