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Roaming Italy

Live stream from the Kodály Centre

Gioachino Rossini: L’italiana in Algeri (The Italian woman in Algiers) – overture
Ignaz Malzat: Double Concerto for Oboe and Bassoon in C major
Hector Berlioz: Harold en Italie (symphonic poem)

Jaroslav Murin – viola
Clara Dent-Bogányi – oboe
Bence Bogányi – bassoon

Concert estimated duration: 100 minutes


After the last Rossini Gala concert, there is an Italian music again. Most of us would immediately link it Rossini and the world of the opera. The same occurred to our programme organiser, so the concert kicks off with one of Rossini's spry and brilliant overtures.

Then we will witness a Hungarian premiere -  Ignaz Malzat’s Double Concerto for Oboe and Bassoon in C major is hardly known around the world, so it is absolutely worthwhile to join in the live streaming! Malzat was born in Vienna in 1757 and died in Passau in 1804; this masterpiece - completed in 1790 - was discovered in the archive of the Kremsmünster Abbey in 2015. Its world premiere - also recorded on an album - took place in the church of the Cistercian abbey in Stams (Austria) on 31 July 2016. Although the world premiere was held in 2016, the music is still not available online.

Finally, we will observe Italy with a French master's eyes in Hector Berlioz's symphonic poem Harold en Italie. Byron’s Harold musically relates the experiences of the composer himself. The work is actually a symphony, where the various solo instruments feature as characters: the protagonist, Harold, is represented by the solo viola. Liszt commented on the composition “Berlioz in his work rises above those contradictions which derive from the direct juxtaposition of heavenly joyful Italy and a heart filled with disappointments and pain." At the same time, Byron or Berlioz’s Harold could also stand for the encounter of Italian gaiety and Hungarian melancholy.

The curiosities regarding Ignaz Malzat’s double concerto for oboe and bassoon was made available to us by the bassoonist Bence Bogányi and Clara Dent-Bogányi oboist.



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"Professional musicians' lifestyle differs quite a bit and in many ways from that of others. Our lives are characterised by sacrifices and a strict daily regime. It's hard at times, but I couldn't envisage any other career for myself; I couldn't live without it or in any other way. There are periods when there is so much to do that I hardly have any time to chill, to relax. But when the days follow when I'm free from my duties, I'm thrilled. I regard it as crucial that musicians invest a lot of energy into their jobs, but they get back at least as much energy from successful concerts. When we see that the audience enjoys what we are doing, it is a positively uplifting feeling."

Jaroslav Murin 

solo viola, section principal


Clara Dent-Bogányi – oboe
Bence Bogányi – bassoon

Photo: Gudrun Vesp 

Koncert kép
Koncert kép

A co-production by the Filharmónia Magyarország Nonprofit Kft and the Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra.

Koncert kép

Live Stream supported by the Ministry of Human Resources (EMMI).



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