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Artisjus - Award

The Artisjus Hungarian Copyright Office Association is an institution responsible for legal aid with copyright issues in both literature and music. Its members include nearly 900 composers, writers, and music publishers.

The Artisjus Award, consisting of a recognition document and a reward, is awarded each year upon proposal of the Supports Approval Committee for Classical Music and with the approval of Artisjus Music Foundation Board of Trustees since 1986 to artists who present an outstanding achievement in promoting and popularising Hungarian music.

Pro Communitate - Award

This award is granted by the City Council of Pécs. The award goes to individuals or communities who have made remarkable efforts in and for the town. The recognition, which comprises a reward, is announced and handed over on 1 September, the official day of the town, each year.

Baranya County Artistic Aaward

This award is granted yearly by the General Assembly of the Baranya County Council since 1992. The award is intended as recognition and encouragement for Hungarian citizens, legal persons, or communities, who have performed valuable achievements in the field of artistic creation in the past years or decades of their activity.

The award, comprising a recognition document, a plaque, and a reward, is handed over on 10 October, the official day of the County.

Béla Bartók - Ditta Pásztory Award

The award was created on the basis of the will left by Mrs Bartók (Ditta Pásztory), and is awarded every year by the Franz Liszt Musical University's Board of Trustees since 1984. It is intended for Hungarian-speaking composers or artists who have greatly contributed to the development of musical art during their careers. The award is handed over on 25 March, Bartók's birthday.

Baranya Megyei Príma Díj

The Pannon Philharmonic has won many professional awards in the recent years. The  greatest honour of them is the 2007 Baranya County Príma Award (Baranya Megyei Príma Díj) since for artists, the audience awards are the most valuable. By winning the county's Príma Award, the orchestra has become a potential Príma Primissima Award winner.

Armel Opera Festival– Special Prize

Our orchestra was awarded by the international jury for the excellent musical achievement at he 2015 Armel Opera Festival, with a special prize founded for this purpose.



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