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Silverflash 2020/2021 - Müpa Budapest

Pannon Series

Five valuable Friday nights

The next concerts of the series:
Nincs már több fellépés ebben a koncertben!


Dear Audience,

We would like to ask you to please read and observe the safety measures described in the Müpa announcement: 


Thank you for your cooperation!

The artistic community of the Pannon Philharmonic is working exceedingly hard for a musical purification, which will take them to a most sublime level during the 2020/2021 Silver Flash Season. The subscription series of five Friday night concerts held in Müpa offers a truly unique experience to help the audience feel one with music. The internationally acclaimed principal conductor of the orchestra, Gilbert Varga opens the series alongside the pianist József Balog in October. We can then roam the slopes of the Alps with R. Strauss’ masterpiece The Alpine Symphony with the other principal conductor of Pannon Philharmonic, Tibor Bogányi and the pianist Dezső Ránki. In January, at the concert revealing Peer Gynt’s secrets, the award-winning Argentinian pianist, Nelson Goerner takes to the stage with Chopin’s Piano Concerto No. 2. Then, to celebrate World-famous Hungarians, before hearing Bartók’s Cantata Profana, the audience can also welcome the premiere of Peter Eötvös’s Sirens’ Song conducted by the composer himself, while the soloist of the night is the cellist Sung-Won Yang. At the closing event of the concert series in May, Elina Vähälä performs the violin concerto The Red Violin for the delight of the Müpa audience. 

The orchestra is looking forward to welcoming their new and old subscription holders to share the joy of music-making with all of them at Müpa.

Pannon series

High Category: 22.900 HUF, Category I: 19.900 HUF, Category II: 15.900 HUF, Category III: 10.900 HUF

renewal Of Subscriptions, purchase of new subscriptions

We offer our subscription holders the possibility to renew their subscriptions: we keep their seats reserved until the end of the renewal period, so that they can enjoy the concerts of the Pannon Philharmonic from their favourite seats in the next season as well.

Seats that are not being reserved for season pass renewal are available for purchase by new audience members.

For more information on the prices of our subscriptions, please see the site of the concert series.

SUbscriptions for the Pannon series in budapest from 22 March 2024 

Subscription renewal until 31 may 2024
purchase of new subscriptions: until 27 september 2024, the date of the first concert of the pannon series

Subscriptions for the kodály, Flirt, pannonicum and musica sacra series FROM 4 MAY

subscription renewal until 15 july 2024
purchase of new subscriptions: until the first concerts of the series



You also have the possibility to pay for your subscriptions for the Pécs-based concert series in two instalments. The first instalment is to be paid upon subscription renewal or the purchase of a new subscription, while the second instalment is due until 31 October 2024. Should you fail to settle the second instalment due by the given deadline, your subscription will lose validity. The instalment rates and the due dates are in no connection with the number of concerts held.


Also, in season 2024/2025, our subscription holders can acquire subscriptions for their family members aged between 6 and 18 years free of charge for the adult concert series of the Pannon Philharmonic, up to 2 free child subscriptions per one adult subscription. The individual, seat-bound subscriptions for young people can be requested exclusively by providing proof of their age via email to teszlak.nikolett@pfz.hu or in person:





Ticket Office of Kodály Centre

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Breuer Marcell sétány 4.

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Telephone inquiries can be made via +36 72 500 300 from Monday to Saturday from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Email inquiries are welcome at jegypenztar@pfz.hu.


The Headquarters and Rehearsal Room of the Pannon Philharmonic

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