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The Salt of Life... The Kodály Központ subscription series of the Pannon Philharmonic

We warmly recommend our Pécs subscription series of the 2021/2022 Season. Subscription renewal available from 2 August.

Dear Subscription holders,


We wish to express our gratitude to those of you who supported our orchestra with the pro-rata subscription price of the cancelled concerts. Upon the subscription renewal, all those who did not request a part or the total of this sum are entitled to a 10% discount/per concert. This Extra discount varies from series to series.

Renew your subscription with a 10%-30% discount and enjoy the love and joy of the Pannon Philharmonic over the reunion with our audience. The Extra discount applies to the already reduced prices of student and senior citizen subscriptions.


The Pannonicum and Flirt Series subscriptions can be, as opposed to usual practice, purchased until the start date of the second concert. 



In the 2021/2022 Jubilee Season, children and teenagers between 6 and 18 years can enter our subscription concerts free of charge as long as free seats are available and families indicate your wish of attendance in the ticket office 2 days prior to the given concert.  



 Lickl Jubilee Series 

The Pannon Philharmonic, celebrating the 210th anniversary of its foundation on 9 December 2021, launches its new subscription concerts as Lickl Series in honour of the founder of the Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra, Georg Lickl. The orchestra's foundation concert on 9 December 1811 was a charity event, raising money for musicians' widows and orphans. True to the memory of its founder, the proceeds of the jubilee concert will go to children turned into orphans by COVID-19.

The subscription series consists of 8+1 concerts. The additional concert is part of the Peter Eötvös Contemporary Music Foundation mentoring programme, which will feature the world premiere of the young Sicilian composer Leonardo Marino’s Cello Concerto under the baton of the young  Polish conductor, Joanna Natalia Ślusaczyk.


Full price: Price category I: 27.400 HUF, Price category II: 23.400 HUF, Price Category III: 18.400 HUF

For students and senior citizens: Price category I: 22.900 HUF, Price category II: 19.700 HUF, Price Category III: 17.500 HUF



Similarly to former years, our Pannonicum Series awaits the residents and visitors of Pécs and the surrounding regions who are busy during weekdays. The series with 5+1 concerts will especially please the lovers of the genre ‘concerto’:  besides enjoying the performances of the greatest cello, viola, violin and piano soloists, subscribers can also hear excellent interpretations of marvellous opera singers. It is worthwhile to fill these evenings with music. As the concerts end quite early, you’ll have time to enjoy a light supper in a city restaurant.


Full price: Price category I: 26.000 HUF, Price category II: 22.900 HUF, Price Category III: 16.900 HUF

For students and senior citizens: Price category I: 20.300 HUF, Price category II: 17.200 HUF, Price Category III: 13.500 HUF



The concerts of the Musica Sacra Series of the Pannon Philharmonic are dedicated to the memory of the victims of Covid-19. The close relatives of the victims from Pécs can enter the All Souls Day concert free of charge. Before the concert, we will light candles together in commemoration of the deceased. If a close relative of yours passed away due to coronavirus, and you would like to come to our concert on 29 October, Please, indicate your wish of attendance in the ticket office.



flirt series 

Refreshing and enticing Friday night FLIRT

Are you coquetting with us? Our Flirt is an encouraging smile, an enticing, promising glance with no involvement of responsibility. It prompts you to come and have fun with us, and if that’s all that happens, that will be fine. We’ll dance, dream and have a laugh together. But who knows? It might come to more, it might turn into genuine love, and we’ll carry on hand in hand...

At the first concert of our new Friday night series, we’ll take to the dance floor with Piazzolla’s tangos, laying the foundation for the next event: with Mendelssohn’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, we'll dream with the youth, who will take to the podium of the Kodály Centre with the courage of a fire jump. The protagonist of the Music Hater concert night is fun, being the best tool for breaking the ice. We laugh at ourselves and each other and encounter some essential elements of classical music step by step, made by two left feet. At the last concert, with the help of the virtuoso performance of a winsome duo, we can discover the sensation that together we are better and stronger.

Flirting adds zing to life at any age; still, we envy youth. These concerts don’t mean to educate or teach you but are productions that gently and slowly allow you to approach music. Come along with your friends, pals and enjoy our unique discounts!






From 6 to 18 years


0 Ft

From 18 to 19 years


4000 Ft

From 20 to 29 years


8 000 HUF

From 30 to 39 years


12 000 HUF

From 40 to 49 years


16 000 HUF

From 50 to 59 years


20 000 HUF

From 60 to 69 years


24 000 HUF

From 70 to 79 years


28 000 HUF

From 80 to 89 years


32 000 HUF

From 90 to 99 years


36 000 HUF


Full price for the 4-concert subscription series: 40.000 HUF



The Renewal of your Pécs subscriptions (in Kodály Centre) is possible from 2 August until the first concert of the selected series on the website www.jegymester.hu and in the ticket office of the Kodály Centre.


You can easily and securely renew your subscription from home, the comfort of your armchair by bank transfer or bank payment. Please, indicate your renewal request in an email to tatrai.blanka@pfz.hu. You will be notified of all necessary details.

Former subscribers of our well-established Pécs-based season tickets (Pannonicum and Musica Sacra Series) can renew their subscriptions as of 2 August 2021 with seat reservations.  The subscribers of the Breitner- and Kodály Series of previous seasons can renew their subscriptions under the title of Lickl Jubilee Series.

We warmly recommend the use of our online subscription renewal interface at www.pfz.hu/berletujitas, where you can renew your season tickets either by online payment by card or by bank transfer. Should you wish to modify your subscription type or seat reservation, please notify us of your request online. Our staff will contact you with the alternative options available.

Renewal is also possible in person by cash, with a bank card or a SZÉP (Széchenyi Recreation) Card in the ticket office of the Kodály Centre. Please, indicate your renewal request in an email to tatrai.blanka@pfz.hu. You will be notified of all necessary details.

Without the Extra discount, you can renew your subscription not only by bank transfer and in person but also online with the help of a bank card on our website www.pfz.hu.

Should you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at +36 72 500 300.


Instalment payment

The full price of the Lickl Jubilee and the Pannonicum Series can also be paid in two instalments. The instalment amounts and the payment timing are independent of the number of concerts within the series. The first instalment is to be paid upon subscription renewal or the purchase of a new subscription. Should you fail to settle the second instalment due by the given deadline, your subscription will lose validity. Thank you for your understanding.

Payment of the 2nd instalment is due by 31 October 2021.






In recent months, we have been sipping life similar to a saltless soup. Fear, bad mood and distance from others have taken their toll on us. In our lives reduced to a series of daily chores, and we had to admit with disillusion that it was by no means the real thing. We slowly got tired of it all and desperately and impatiently demand that life goes back to normal. It is not easy to get going again, but perhaps we can recall the folktale's king eagerly tasting his first sip of finally salted soup. It's a nearly physical sensation: we feel how the familiar and delicious sip waters our mouth, and the pleasure spreads to our minds, hearts and souls, and we know that's it! The king had to concede that his daughter was absolutely right.

Live music is a hint of salt in our lives. Our secret storage will wake us to new life while we are chilling in the concert hall. Music affects our emotions with elemental force, it allows us to relive through hard times and let them go, and it also allows us to take the best things home with us. It awakens hope, joy and brings forth peace. Now, it is crucial to recognise and acknowledge the significance of the arts in our lives, to let music reveal the most beautiful in us, strengthen us and recharge our batteries.

It is no coincidence that musicians and music lovers have taken the same path. It is music that fills us with harmonious order. As members of the Pannon Philharmonic's community, we mean more to each other than the individual ingredients of a richly seasoned but otherwise saltless dish. It is with the help of music that we are able to heal our wounds and the make the marks left by COVID fade away. Similarly to salt purified to crystal thanks to nature, the centuries-long past of classical music and our orchestra carry a power that goes beyond our daily struggles and challenges.









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