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Christmas Concert

Marcin Józef Żebrowski: Rorate Caeli
Marcin Józef Żebrowski: Magnificat
Grzegorz Gerwazy Gorczycki: Jesu Corona Virginum
Johann Sebastian Bach: Christmas Oratorio – Jauchzet, frohlocket!

Pannon Philharmonic Festival Choir (choirmaster: András Vass)

Conducted by: Andrzej Kosendiak

Season ticket prices: 3 Concerts = Price category I: 14.900, Price category II: 12.900, Price category III: 8.900 HUF
Season ticket purchase

The Pannon Philharmonic has been intensely collaborating with the cultural stakeholders of the city of Wrocław in Poland. Within the framework of this collaboration, an extraordinary endeavour will take place at Christmas 2024. The Wrocław Baroque Ensemble and the Pannon Philharmonic Festival Choir will jointly give a unique festive concert in the Pécs Cathedral.



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