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Musica Sacra I Transubstantiation

Concert in Memory of the Deceased

5.30 PM – 6.30 PM: The Art of Grief, the Grief of Artists – Panel discussion with writer, Andrea Tompa, The Grief Recovery Method ® specialist, Orsolya Graf and violin artist, Noémi Bartha (free for concert ticket holders, Conference Room F08)
6 PM: Lighting a candle together
7 PM: The Concert
Dmitri Dmitriyevich Shostakovich: String Quartet in C minor, Op. 110
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: "Gran Partita” – III. Adagio (K.361)
Richard Strauss: Metamorphoses
8.30 PM: Book sale and Book signing

Márta Deák – violin
Ágnes Morvay – violin
Jaroslav Murin – viola
Ildikó Janzsó – cello
Péter Somodari – Conductor
Andrea Tompa – writer
Orsolya Graf – The Grief Recovery Method® Specialist
Noémi Bartha – violin artist

Ticket prices: 3490 HUF
Season ticket prices: Musica Sacra bérlet: 14 900, 12 900, 8900 HUF » Művészbejáró bérlet: 12 900 HUF
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Mourning in music is not only possible through Requiems; in fact, several instrumental works are known to us that commemorate, mourn and pray without words or churches. This evening will feature three compositions, with Andrea Tompa's texts between them putting the thoughts of passing into words. First, we can hear Shostakovich's String Quartet in C minor, inspired by the experience of while walking in Dresden, he was forced to confront the remains of the brutality of the carpet bombing in the war. In his music, Shostakovich nearly died along with the unknown victims himself, as if he had meant to make this piece his obituary. The tunes of consolation in mourning are brought by the slow movement of Mozart's deservedly famous wind serenade. Richard Strauss's Metamorphoses recalls the same period. In his music, the elderly Strauss laments the centuries-old German culture that suffered irreparable wounds during the destructive activities of the Nazi empire.

Koncert kép

6 PM - Lighting a candle together 

Let us kindle the flame of a small tea candle! It is now an established tradition that we invite our audience to a concert and community candle lighting around All Saints and All Souls Day. The space we made so cosy and intimate in the summer during the Kodály Aperitif event series by having relaxed conversations will transform into something different. We will light candles on the steps and marble benches outside the Kodály Centre, whose light will dance long into the night. Let us, therefore, remember together. Do join us to give light to the candles burning throughout the entire concert evoking the memory of our loved ones. We cordially invite all those who would spend these feast days alone, those who cannot visit the graves of their relatives, all foreigners in Pécs, who wish to remember in reverence far from home. Let us share in the power of community and communion.






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