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LEFT /Hand /Fate

Is destiny a force?

Hans Abrahamsen: Left, Alone
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: Symphony No.5 in E minor, Op.64

Danubia Orchestra

József Balog – piano

Conducted by: Máté Hámori

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In music history, we are familiar with several composers who were forced to fulfil their vocation despite a physical impairment. Bach and Händel lost their eyesight toward the end of their lives, Beethoven and Smetana became deaf, and there is an entire left-hand piano repertoire, as a number of excellent pianists lost their right hands. Hans Abrahamsen was born with the impairment that he could move only two fingers on his right hand, so his piano concerto is to be played with the left hand only. At its premiere, the composer himself played the solo piano. In spite of a successful career, Tchaikovsky lived his life amid unfulfilled desires and personal crises, which he set to music in his Symphonies No. 5 and 6. In Symphony No. 5, the ending was still cheerful, however.



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