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Fantastical Classical for Schoolkids III

Georges Bizet: Carmen – Overture
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: A Little Night Music – 1st movement
Johann Sebastian Bach: Air from Ochestral Suite N 3 in D-major
Georg Friedrich Händel: The Water Music – excerpt
Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 5, – 1st movement, excerpt
Antonio Vivaldi: The Four Seasons - Summer – excerp
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: A diótörő – részlet
Gioachino Rossini: William Tell – ouverture
Johannes Brahms: Hungarian Dance No.5

Krisztián Horváth – Maestro of Words

Conducted by: Bence Uzsaly conductor

Ticket prices: 1990 HUF
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You must know the feeling of hearing a familiar melody without knowing what it is. And then it bugs you so much that you feel you must shazam it. Now, you won’t need to. In fact, connected to catchy stories, it will be much easier to memorise the names of their composers, as, at this concert, there won't be a single melody you don't know either from commercials or ringtones. How do they sound in their original version? What is the added value of live music? What turns a melody into a hit? Do we expect serious answers to our seriously classical musical questions? It is not decided in advance. In fact, we’ll see that classical musicians aren’t famous for their seriousness either. Let’s get to know the most melodious classical music!


The Series’ host:

Krisztián Horváth choral conductor, pianist and composer


Krisztián will act as the host of all three concerts. The Pécs-based audience might be familiar with him as a choral conductor and pianist or might have encountered his name as the composer of musical theatre pieces. Many, however, are not aware that Krisztián is the head of an art school, and with his great sense of humour and casual style towards his students, he has been very successful as the host of numerous youth concerts. Let's welcome him as a new partner of the Pannon Philharmonic.

Koncert kép
Koncert kép

The book with the identical Hungarian title published by HVG Books comes to live in the Kodály Centre. It is worth buying it in our ticket office or on our webshop, then turning its pages, reading it and listening to the musical illustrations recorded by the Pannon Philharmonic. If you, however, long to experience something live, you are warmly welcome to three Fantastical Classical concerts in the Kodály Centre. This year, we will even have a Carnival concert! Although The Nutcracker is not part of the subscription, don’t miss it either!

As a subscription holder, you will have a 30% discount on the book purchased in the ticket office of the Kodály Center.




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