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Stage Door IV

Music in Arm’s Reach

György Ránki: Serenade of the Seven Headed Dragon
Béla Bartók: Duos for Two Violins – excerpts
Ernst von Dohnányi: Ruralia Hungarica for Cello and Piano
Ludwig Thuille: Sextet for Piano and Winds in B-flat major, Op. 6
Antonín Dvořák: Piano Quintet, Op. 81
David Popper: Requiem
Johannes Brahms: Piano Quartet, Op. 25, IV. – Rondo alla zingarese

Tamás Asztalos – trombone
József Tóth – trombone
Ferenc Varga – horn
László Kovács – trumpet
Tibor Mátyás – trumpet
Péter Solymosi – trumpet
György Bakró-Nagy – tuba
Márta Deák – violin
Anna Bendéné Deák – violin
Fredrik Ullén – piano
Judit Ullén – cello
Gabriella Codeluppi-Szabó – flute
Roman Murin – oboe
Miroslav Radics – clarinet
Éva Hozbor – bassoon
Árpád Pétersz – horn
Ágnes Bajic – piano
Kinga Hoffner – violin
Izabel Varga – violin
Tamás Tuzson – viola
Nóra Herczeg – cello
Ildikó Janzsó – cello
György Hodozsó – piano
Ágnes Morvay – violin
Máté Borbíró – horn
Péter Palotai – double bass
Eszter Gabriella Szabó – piano
Anita Ancil – piano

Ticket prices: 2490 HUF
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Do you like variety? You can't stand things that are too serious for too long or that are meant to be funny all the time? Is it tedious if the same formation plays all night? If you said ″yes″ to these questions, this concert is just the right thing for you. Winds, strings, keyboards, varied formations from duos to sextets, from traditional to urban tunes, profound musical substance and spectacular and entertaining pieces, romantic and modern, Hungarian, German and Czech composers. All this awaits you at a single concert while the musicians are playing at arm's length – if you wish, for you.

PFZ’s unique chamber music series has been successfully running in the Zoltán Kocsis Room of the Kodály Centre on Thursday nights for years. In this room, which serves as the permanent rehearsal room of the orchestra on weekdays, the audience and the musicians change places for the chamber music recitals. The audience sits on the chairs on the platform used at the orchestral rehearsals while the chamber music formations are playing. The members of the Pannon Philharmonic pick the featured pieces themselves, taking the programmes of the symphonic concerts into account as well. It could be a good idea to listen to the chamber music recitals as a kind of induction, where the musicians talk about the pieces, and afterwards, you can even get to know them personally, as they will be sitting just an arm's length away.



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