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The Triumph Of Life

Richard Strauss: Six Songs on Poems of Clemens Brantano, Op. 68
Gustav Mahler: Symphony No.5

Eri Nakamura – soprano

Conducted by: Andry Yurkevych

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Richard Strauss composed this song cycle when the war ended, in 1918, after a lengthier time-out. The first five songs are essentially based on love poems, but the last one ("When the men are at war") commemorates the war, so it wasn't performed at the world premiere. Nonetheless, Romanticism's nostalgia and the desire to start anew are articulated in this composition. Mahler wrote his Symphony No. 5 in the year when the composer had nearly died himself of a major haemorrhage. After his recovery, he began composing with such vitality and enthusiasm as never before. Moreover, he found the love of his life while writing this very symphony. Two out of the five movements take us to the shadow of death, while its third is a gigantic waltz fantasy. Its deservedly popular Adagietto is an intimate declaration of love, and its stormy finale proves to be the triumph of life. What else could crown a spring evening more victoriously than the personal musical experience of life and eternity?



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