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Stage Door III

Music in Arm’s Reach

Franz Anton Hoffmeister: Quartet No. 2 for Violin, Viola, Violoncello and Double-Bass in D Major
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov: Quintet in B-flat major – Movement I
Georg Goltermann: Romance
Louis Spohr: Duo concertante, Op. 67
Richard Strauss: Till einmal anders ("Till Eulenspiegel differently, for once!)

Ildikó Janzsó – cello
Dávid Pechan – cello
Gábor Németh – cello
Lívia B. Révész – cello
Zoltán Bánfalvi – violin
Tamás Tuzson – viola
Sámuel Jónás – double bass
Viktória Gárdai – flute
Mihály Laduver – clarinet
Ágnes Herpay Dr – bassoon
Máté Borbíró – horn
Ágnes Bajic – piano
Márta Varga-Deák – violin
Sára Deák – violin
Balázs Haszon – fagot
Ágnes Morvay – violin
Péter Palotai – double bass

Ticket prices: 1500 HUF
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Koncert kép

In the concert season 2021/2022, the Stage Door Series series will take place in the Kocsis Rehearsal Room of the Kodály Centre. The programme choice of the chamber music series allows a glimpse into the musical taste of the members of the orchestra and the various formations, as the pieces featured at the concerts are all picked by the individual chamber music formations. The concerts of the Stage Door Series provides the audience fond of musical adventures and chamber music to enjoy the performances of the various formations within arm's reach from the musicians themselves at the site of the Pannon Philharmonic's rehearsals, the Zoltán Kocsis Room. In this intimate space, the artists allow us to take a glimpse into their everyday world, granting us admission to their rehearsal room while performing their favourite and cherished compositions. On the path taking us to the rehearsal room, we follow in the imaginary footsteps of the musicians, so the audience can indeed approach the unusual venue of the chamber music series through the Stage Door of the Kodály Centre.



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