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Béla Bartók Male Choir 77' – Canceled!

Festive Gala Concert

Sándor Balatoni: Carmina Vinorum – premiere

István Horváth (Simándy Prize-winner) – tenor
Szabolcs Bognár – The King's Herald
Béla Bartók Male Choir – (chorus master: Tamás Lakner Dr)
Pannon Philharmonic

Conducted by: Tibor Hoffner , Dr Tamás Lakner , Horváth Krisztián

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The festive anniversary concert of the choir, which celebrated its jubilee year in 2020, will take place in February 2022 due to the pandemic.

The jubilee concert of the double Olympic gold-winning choir will feature the most popular repertoire pieces of the past decades, which will evoke the euphoric atmosphere of the European Convivial Winesong Festivals. Also, Sándor Balatoni's Carmina Vinorum will premiere at the event.



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