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Liszt Piano-Gala

Liszt Ferenc: Nun danket alle Gott (S. 61)
Liszt Ferenc: La Campanella
Liszt Ferenc: Paganini Etude No. 6
Liszt Ferenc: Consolation in D-flat major (No. 3)
Liszt Ferenc: Orpheus
Liszt Ferenc: Melodie de Ferdinand Huber, avec variations (Trois morceaux suisses, No. 1)
Liszt Ferenc: Au bord d'une source (Années de Pélerinage I.)
Liszt Ferenc: Dante Sonata

Ádám Balogh – piano
Mihály Boros – piano
György Hodozsó – piano
Kovács Szilárd Ferenc – orgona

Concert estimated duration: 90 minutes
Ticket prices: 1500 HUF
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On Ferenc Liszt’s birthday – while the resident orchestra is taking to the Esztergom stage–, the audience of the Kodály Centre won’t be left music- and “Liszt-less”. In fact, they can have a unique experience by enjoying the sound of an organ in the concert hall and spend a night with the piano virtuoso and church music composer Liszt. An organist and three pianists will enable this musical treat. Liszt’s organ arrangement of the popular chorale Nun danket alle Gott will open the event, which will be followed by La Campanella, which has won the title of the most challenging piano composition of music history according to a poll taken among piano players. The insolently young Mihály Boros will play it this time on a Bogányi Piano. He will also perform the piano transcription of Paganini’s Etude No. 6, which is by no means less spectacular than La Campanella. Next, we can relish an immensely popular, deeply lovable and intimate Liszt composition, Consolation in D-flat major, performed by György Hodozsó on a Steinway piano. Before the intermission, the symphony poem Orpheus will come to us as an organ transcription. The nearly 700 fingers of an orchestra will be replaced by Szilárd Kovács’ 10 fingers and two feet.  The second half of the concert will feature two pieces from the series Années de Pèlerinage, played by Mihály Boros and György Hodozsó. Finally, the event will conclude with Liszt’s Dante Sonata, performed by Ádám Balogh on a Bösendorfer piano.

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