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Liszt's solo compositions with world-class artists

on the composer’s 210th birthday

Ferenc Liszt: Nun danket alle Gott (S. 61)
Ferenc Liszt: La Campanella
Ferenc Liszt: Paganini Etude No. 6
Ferenc Liszt: Consolation in D-flat major (No. 3)
Ferenc Liszt: Orpheus
Ferenc Liszt: Melodie de Ferdinand Huber, avec variations (Trois morceaux suisses, No. 1)
Ferenc Liszt: Au bord d'une source (Années de Pélerinage I.)
Ferenc Liszt: Dante Sonata

Ádám Balogh – piano
Mihály Boros – piano
György Hodozsó – piano
Kovács Szilárd Ferenc – orgona

Concert estimated duration: 90 minutes
Ticket prices: 1500 HUF
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We, the residents of Pécs, are greatly fortunate! Not only because our ancestors could hear and see Ferenc Liszt play live exactly 175 years ago, on nearly the same late October day, but also because we have four amazing musicians and four splendid instruments to play Liszt's solo pieces on in a marvellous interpretation on Liszt's 210th birthday. On 22 October, the Pannon Philharmonic will be performing Liszt’s The ‘Gran’ (Esztergom) Mass in the Basilica in Esztergom upon the invitation of Müpa. Still, the city orchestra has ensured that even in their absence, Pécs' residents can celebrate the birthday of this exceptional master with due quality. Our ensemble asked the most well-known Pécs-based musicians to give a rendering of Liszt's deservedly popular solo pieces. But no conventions involved! Each artist will play on the piano-type that is closest to his heart. Will we hear the difference? Mihály Boros will play on a Bogányi piano, Ádám Balogh on a Bösendorfer, György Hodozsó on a Steinway, and Ferenc Szilárd Kovács will perform the works of one of the most thrilling figures of music history on a concert organ. Liszt's music can be admired in a space with superior acoustics this evening. At the solo recital for the first time in the Kodály Centre, world-class performers will talk about pianos, composition and music.

The production is supported by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary. 




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