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10th Villány Premium Wine Muster

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Ticket prices: Wine tasting: in advance 3990 HUF, on the spot 4990 HUF
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Prime Villányi wines – Franc, REDy – will be offered for sampling on the community stalls. The 10th Villányi Prime Wine Sampling will begin at 4.30 pm on Saturday, 25th September at the Kodály Centre. Discover the many beautiful colours of the Villany wine region in the origin-protected PRIME wines and the REDy-s, which serve as excellent proof for our winemakers' conscientiousness and commitment to quality.

Find the fine Villány terroir in our wines: the people, the tradition, the landscape and the soil.

Prime stands for high quality. The Villány wine region was the first to create a comprehensive origin protection quality control system in Hungary in 2006. The wines categorised as prime quality must comply with more rigorous rules than the classicus and demonstrate unique slope features as well as the characteristics of the given winemaker and winery.

The trademark of our origin-protected wines is the Villány Crocus (Colchicum hungaricum), which marks the protection and authenticity of all Villányi wines. We protect the treasures of the Hungarian wine culture as much as this plant is cherished and protected in Hungary.

Our signature variety, the Villányi Franc, is an artist of elegance, balance and fine-tuning; besides the characteristics of the variety, it also allows the winemaker's personality to come to show. It must spend at least one year in an oak barrel and is even better if it can spend a long time in bottles before release.

Villány's cheerful, smiling face, the Villányi REDy, is the fruity, youthful, tongue-in-cheek, bold pub wine. The character of the wines is determined by the traditional variety of the Villány region, the portugieser, but it can also be blended with Blauburger, Zweigelt, Kadarka or Blaufränkisch and other typical wines of the Villány region.

Wine sampling prices:  in advance 3990 HUF, on the spot 4990 HUF

Tickets can be purchased in advance at the ticket office of the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter and on jegymester.hu.

This event is jointly organised by the Pécs Male Choir Foundation and the Pannon Philharmonic.

It is the start of a new season in which we welcome you!
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