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Kodály Aperitif 2021 The Sounds of Pécs

Walk from the Pécs Basilica to the Kodály Centre

Bartáné Szilágyi Zsuzsanna és Kövér András idegenvezetők

Concert estimated duration: 120 minutes
Ticket prices: • for adults: 2990 HUF » • for children: 1490 HUF
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Did you know that Pécs had an orchestra already in the 1700s, and the Viennese musicians in it earned twice as much as the musicians in Buda?

Did you know that on his way to Pécs, Ferenc Liszt stayed at a friend’s in Mecseknádasd and composed his first Hungarian-language song there?

The musical walk organised in collaboration with the Pannon Society of Friends of Music for the 210th anniversary of the Pannon Philharmonic will be full of wit, anecdotes and curiosities. Our two tour guides, András Kövér and Zsuzsi Szilágyi, will talk about the past and present of the individual music-related sites and their thematic relevance. The destination of our two-hour walk enriched with breakdancers and pop music breaks is the Kodály Centre, where within the framework of the Kodály Aperitif event series, a concert featuring movie scores will await the participants of the walk.

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The zest of music, just like the "taste" of sunshine, affects our senses: we feel on our skin how it fills us with fresh energy, and we thirst for it time and again. The Kodály Aperitif is dedicated to quench this thirst in the late summer heat. Here, in Pécs, our visitors and we revel in having a lovely get-together "al fresco" with friends, musicians, actors in refreshing evenings after the heat of the day and relish the nightlights together.

Koncert kép
Koncert kép

The meeting point is the souths entrance of Pécs Basilica.

The program is supported by NKA (National Cultural Fund of Hungary).

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It is the start of a new season in which we welcome you!
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