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Stage Door II /CHANGE of date from 5 to 7 November!

Music in Arm’s Reach

Michael McLean: Tango
Michael McLean: Serenata
Carlos Gardel: Tango por una cabeza
Joseph Haydn: London trio No. 1
Johann Sebastian Bach: Trio Sonata in C Minor BWV 526
Julius Weissenborn: 6 Pieces for 3 Bassoons
Georg Friedrich Händel - Johan Halvorsen: Passacaglia
Astor Piazzolla: Four Seasons of Buenos Aires – Summer

Zoltán Bánfalvi – violin
Noémi F. Bartha – violin
Orsolya H. Büttner – violin
Anna Deák – violin
Ágnes Morvay – violin
Éva Ördögné Hajdú – violin
Csaba Szűk – violin
Ágnes Vass – violin
Jaroslav Murin – viola
László Mezei – viola
Lívia B. Révész – cello
Arthur Bálint Kövi – cello
Sámuel Jónás – double bass
Sarolta Váradi – double bass
Gabriella Codeluppi-Szabó – flute
Zsuzsanna Sóvári – flute
Mihály Laduver – clarinet
Alessandro Bravin – bassoon
Balázs Haszon – fagot
Éva Hozbor – bassoon
Zsuzsanna Szendrői – alto saxophone
Szabolcs Kiss – trombone

Concert estimated duration: 95 minutes
Ticket prices: 1500 HUF
Ticket purchase

In the 2020/2021 concert season, the Artists’ Entrance series will not take place in the Kocsis Hall - as it was customary in the previous years - but in the chamber hall of Kodály Centre. The programme choices of the chamber music series will give the spectators considerable insight into the musical taste of the formations, as the compositions are selected by the individual formations themselves. In this unconventional season, concerts can be accessed via the main entrance of Kodály Centre.



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