What a concert!

Matthew Freeman: Abbaphonic Ouverture
Benny Andersson-Björn Ulvaeus: Does Your Mother Know
Benny Andersson-Björn Ulvaeus: Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
Benny Andersson-Björn Ulvaeus: I Have a Dream
Matthew Freeman: Intermezzo
Benny Andersson-Björn Ulvaeus: Happy New Year
Benny Andersson-Björn Ulvaeus: The Winner Takes It All
Benny Andersson-Björn Ulvaeus-Stig Anderson: Dancing Queen
Ádám Brandenburg: Abba Pannon-medley
Benny Andersson-Björn Ulvaeus: Mamma Mia
Benny Andersson-Björn Ulvaeus-Stig Anderson: I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
Benny Andersson-Björn Ulvaeus: Fernando
Benny Andersson-Björn Ulvaeus: Money, Money, Money
Benny Andersson-Björn Ulvaeus: Super Trouper
Benny Andersson-Björn Ulvaeus: Waterloo
Benny Andersson-Björn Ulvaeus-Stig Anderson: Knowing Me, Knowing You

Tibor Kocsis – singer
Bálint Magyar – sing
Andrea Malek – sing
Erika Náray – sing
Lilla Polyák – singer
Ádám Bősze – host

Conducted by: Péter Illényi

Ticket prices: HUF 4,990 » HUF 3,990 » HUF 2,990 » Prices for a pair of tickets: HUF 9,000 » HUF 7,000 » HUF 5,000
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This year, the Pannon Philharmonic and select singers will perform symphonic renditions of the Swedish pop band ABBA’s hits, which young people will also know well from the wildly successful Mamma Mia! movies. The usual exceptional quality of the ensemble’s crossover production truly is for everyone, just like love.

During the intermission on Valentine’s Day, the main character will again be the “Love Potion.” Last year’s successful mixer parade is ready for this season’s crowd, with a few new surprises waiting up the musicians’ sleeves.

Pannon Philharmonic performances extend a gold-backed guarantee, that time spent unwinding at our high-quality concerts will ripen into an opportunity for collaborative music making.
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