Aftertone with Ádám Bősze

Ifj. Johann Strauss: Voices of Spring Waltz
Arturo Márquez: Danzon No. 2.
Astor Piazzolla: Libertango
Konstantin Vilensky: Variations on the Rag-times by Joplin
Dmitrij Sosztakovics: The Suite for Jazz Orchestra No. 1: Foxtrot

Ádám Bősze – host

Conducted by: András Vass

Ticket prices: HUF 1,990
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Show me your favourite dance and I will guess who you are! Is this statement true, or can one love many different dances equally? Do you show your appreciation for the art by watching and admiring it, or do you perhaps also dance? This year’s NoBabel series takes a closer look and listen to the dances of different eras and styles, and also offers a deeper understanding of them, even to the uninitiated. Join us on a  virtual trip across concepts that have stayed relevant for teenagers even today.

Dance and music are about touch, contact, self-expression, and commitment without words. Every style is different, yet it speaks to you in its own language. Experience what it’s like to listen to music with the Pannon Philharmonic at the Kodály Center, and talk about life and culture with Ádám Bősze. What is dance beyond a series of rhythmical steps in the right sequence? Dance provides a framework for freedom, it teaches you how to become yourself and how to cooperate with others, and it forges the creativity of its participants into a single common experience.

Rock and roll or folk dance? Ballet or salsa? Waltz or Circle Dance? Perhaps it doesn’t matter. After all you’re together with your peers, in a place where your opinions and ideas are valued, and where nobody will step on your proverbial toes…



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