Musica Sacra Verdi Requiem

A Concert to Commemorate the Dead

Giuseppe Verdi: Messa da Requiem

Klára Kolonits – soprano
Andrea Szántó – alto
István Kovácsházi – tenor
Géza Gábor – bass
The Choir of the Hungarian National Opera – (Choirmaster: Gábor Csiki)

Conducted by: Tibor Bogányi

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There are those iconic masterpieces that almost encapsulate an entire musical genre within themselves. The passion is best exemplified by J. S. Bach’s two compositions, the symphony by Beethoven’s Ninth, and the requiem by both Mozart and Verdi’s renowned compositions. This season, we will commemorate our deceased loved ones with Verdi’s epic, emotionally moving work. While still young, Verdi lost both his children and his wife in the span of two years. The death of his two friends, Rossini and Manzoni, three decades later inspired him to compose perhaps the most beautiful opera in his well-established career. It ultimately grew from “just: an opera into an entire evening mass: a requiem. This masterpiece raised the genre from its liturgical framework and transformed it into a channel for composers to philosophise about death with their audience. In truth, this is a topic seldom discussed, even between good friends. But those who listen to the night’s concert will have the chance to speak with Verdi about it -- about life, death, grief, fear, hope, resurrection, and everything that we all have or will one day face.

A hangverseny támogatói, koprodukciós partnerei



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