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Nobody is too young – Digital Family Detox

At least not for classical music! – was the message of the Pannon Philharmonic when it announced its new season PRESENT in the capital city. With Season 2023/24, the Pécs-based orchestra has performed on Müpa’s stage for two decades with a concert series of five performances. Their programme means a treat for the audience and the artists: rarities, melodies to be discovered, and great popular classical pieces await the music lovers. However, it’s become conspicuous only recently that hundreds of teenagers show up at PFZ’s concerts, enjoying themselves very much, as it seems. What lies behind the success of PFZ?

In the past seasons, the Pannon Philharmonic announced their family-friendly programme in the Kodály Centre in Pécs first, having seen the great success of this arrangement, also in Budapest. The orchestra welcomes children and teenagers between 6 and 18 years to its subscription series free of charge, both with subscriptions and individual tickets. We might presume that eight-year-olds don't enjoy classical music concerts, and also teenagers' contrariness must be softened for it, yet, experience proves that children do have fun doing high-standard activities with their families. They are in awe of the symphony orchestra and marvel at the concertos and the soloists playing various interesting musical instruments. Their parents clearly benefit from this situation.

The Junior subscription-holders, who were underaged last year but have turned 18 by now, received a certificate of acknowledgement and their first adult subscription from the orchestra's Director when the orchestra last took to the stage in Budapest.

″It is a marvelous experience to see teenagers come to our concerts with their parents. Those of us who have children know that it is not at all self-evident. It is a well-known and researched fact that people take their distance from the high arts in their young adult years and begin to rediscover them in their forties. However, only those can rediscover them later who encountered it in their youth. We had this phenomenon in mind when we announced this opportunity.″ - commented the Director of the orchestra, Zsolt Horváth.

But what does digital detox have to do with it?

With social media taking a foothold, the ″gadget-era″ has inundated our world, which can be just as dangerous as useful, especially for the younger generations. The Pannon Philharmonic regard its concerts as a perfect opportunity for digital detox and find it crucial that as many families should experience it as possible. If we consider what a classical music experience can give us, how it affects us, and what those people (both younger and older generations) need who want to distance themselves from the permanent ″hassle″ of social media, emails and the online world in general, we realise that ″supply″ and ″demand″ perfectly coincide. Besides drawing attention to the problem, the Pécs-based orchestra also offers a solution for those who wish to tear themselves apart from the appeal of the digital space.




The digital detox programme also develops our imagination, the power of internal images. The refreshment and cake served and consumed together during the intermissions, the elegant dresses and the beautiful environment of the concert halls set an example of a quality-oriented life to the children.

In the new season PRESENT, the orchestra will be collaborating with such performers as Jennifer Pike, Leo McFall, János Balázs, Barnabás Kelemen, Gilbert Varga, Domonkos Héja, Gérard Korsten and Valentine Michaud.

The ambassadors of quality are always present where they need to be present: in the Kodály Centre. The ambassadors of quality are always there where they need to be. In the Kodály Centre in Pécs, the Musikverein in Vienna or Müpa in Budapest. The orchestra invites the audience to connect to the inexhaustible charger of symphonic energy through their concert series.

Subscription renewal is possible until 31 May 2023, and purchase of new subscriptions until 29 September 2023 in person or online on the website www.jegymester.hu  and the ticket office of Müpa. 


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