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Beautiful fragrances, niche perfumes - Perfect gift for Christmas

Symphony of Music and Perfume... Our orchestra, the 210-year-old Pannon Philharmonic, has commissioned the perfume specialist, Csaba Bálint, to dream up the scent of our concerts and produce two unique perfumes – one for HER, and another for HIM – in honor of our jubilee celebrations. Discover the fragrances, discover the world and yourself with our unique, niche perfumes created by Csaba Balint - Parfums Balint!



Symphony of Music and Perfume


Eau de parfum

“The one-year-long amazing collaboration and creative process the Pannon Philharmonic invited me to has brought about two perfumes, one for Her, and one for Him. On the request of and inspired by the ensemble celebrating their 210th anniversary, I have created and bottled the symphony of music and perfume, a common accord."

                                    Csaba Bálint





The exclusive, numbered perfumes with the signature of their creator can be purchased


in the webshop of PFZ at


in the ticket office of Kodály Centre

               7622 Pécs, Breuer Marcell sétány 4.

in the 'Vince Bookstore' in Müpa

               1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell u. 1.




Pour Femme/For Her

Perfume concentration




It is an orientally rich, spicy vanilla fragrance for special occasions for ladies, a multi-layer perfume creation with a unique ambiance. Rich, expressive, and exceptionally profound. You can sense its complexity and the first-class quality of its ingredients. It evokes the atmosphere of the concert halls, the rustling of the elegant dresses, the exciting tension before the performance, and the joy of beauty featured on the stage. It is perhaps the most artistic of all Bálint Parfumes. As the music of the Pannon Philharmonic creates beauty and enriches the world and the soul, this scent is an independent masterwork too. It is no everyday fragrance but is worth wearing when we wish to impress others and absorb beauty to the full. It is clearly an evening fragrance.

Soirée sans fin has a warm and mellow tone, with the ambergris accord as its central component, coupled with Cardamom, Mahogany, the creamy-feminine Tuberose, Bourbon Vanilla, and sea salt. Mahogany and Laos Oud – or Agarwood – evoke the feel of the woodwind instruments and the wood-paved concert hall of the Kodály Centre. Frankincense and Styrax resin recall the scent of rosining bows and bring us the aroma of warming up strings. While the fragrance of Ambergris, sea salt, and the Kashmir reinforce the chilly timbre of the brass instruments, Vanilla lends profundity and warmth to the composition. After a powerful overture, following the prominent, soloist-like chords, we perceive a mellow and gentle buzz whose memory will stay on our skin still for a long time,



Head:  Calabrian Bergamot, Guatemalan Cardamom, Peruvian Pink Pepper, Raspberry

Heart: Laos Oud, Mahogany, Frankincense, Jasmine, Lilly-of-the-Valley, Korean Rose, Indian Tuberose and sea salt accord

Base: White Musk, vegan Ambergris accord, Bourbon Vanilla, Kashmir, Somalian Myrrh, Styrax resin from Honduras

Creator: Csaba Bálint – Parfums Balint

15ml eau de parfum EDP (with a 10% eau de parfum content)

Sillage: medium, strong

Longevity: long

Creator: Csaba Bálint, Parfums Balint

Price: 11.990 HUF





Pour Homme/For Him

Perfume concentration




An elegant perfume for gentlemen consisting of infinite chords, whose ingredients form a symphonic timbre, soul-awakening music. If the notes are pure, if the components are high quality, a miraculous harmony arises both in music and scent. This is what the creator of this perfume attempted to achieve. It is colourful, so we can easily find ourselves in its diverse ambiences and shades. As the scent dries, its true complexity and beauty come to light as time passes.

The oriental, woody and spicy composition is supported by a dry, wooden base, rooted in Cedar, Indian nutgrass and Laos Oud (the main feature of Agarwood is a very dry, coarse, sawdusty, animalistic scent), warmed and mellowed by the trio of the marzipan accord, Tonka beans and Ambergris. A Mahogany, alongside Cedar and Oud, alludes to the woodwind instruments as well as the monumental and elegant spectacle of the Pécs-based concert hall. Styrax and Hoary Rock-Rose resins kindle the unique scent of warmed up strings ready to work tirelessly. In this scent, the Japanese soy sauce, Shoyu, brings to us the sense of cold metal and the saltiness of seas, in reference to the orientally inspired composition Csaba Bálint heard upon my first encounter with the Pannon Philharmonic in the Kodály Centre. The composition is crowned by the Saffron with its nobility and high quality, as the conductor's baton synthesises the complete symphonic timbre, taking it to higher spheres. The fragrance creation is closed with the concluding Civet accord, which lends depth and weight.



Head:  Calabrian Bergamot, French Clary Sage, Peruvian Pink Pepper, Marzipan accord

Heart: Laos Oud, Mahogany, Frankincense, Indian Nutgrass – Cypriol, Shoyu – Japanese soy sauce, Saffron absolute, Korean Rose, Plum

Base: White Musk, Cedar, Patchouli, vegan Ambergris accord, Bourbon Vanilla, Kashmir, Somalian Myrrh, Styrax Resin from Honduras

15ml eau de parfum EDP (with a 10% eau de parfum content)

Sillage: medium, strong

Longevity: long

Creator: Csaba Bálint, Parfums Balint

Price: 11.990 HUF




A concert hall is a community space: a venue for encounters, conversations and friendship, beyond the culture and the love for high-quality music that connect the orchestra with its audience. We inspire one another, and creativity is omnipresent in our lives and work. This time, a young scent artist has tuned into the musical wavelength of a creative artistic community. Music and scent: Aetherial and intangible; yet, both evoke emotions and awaken memories with an incredible force, turning into memories themselves. The scent accords emerge from the components drop by drop during the perfume-making process. Similarly, the chords of music that bond in a symphonic timbre are abounding in small and big stories. What is the scent of concerts like? The history of a concert certainly does not begin in the concert hall. We start to long for music already hours before, and we begin to prepare our souls, tune in, just as musicians tune prior to their performance.

This atmosphere is exhilarating and memorable, the buzz of expectation, chit-chats, a champaign in the café, as the fragrance of ladies and gentlemen mingle with the space's ambience, the murmur of the concert hall and the scent of the instruments. The concert does not finish with the applause roaring up at the end! … “Soirée sans fin”, a night without end. An “accord" without end.  We take this musical and community experience home with us, and as the melody plays on in us for long, the fragrance of perfume remains on our skin, accompanying us on our journey. The rich diversity and wealth of the components of these perfumes celebrate both the symphonic timbre and our communion.

The design of the perfume box, which evokes the inner universe of the Kodály Centre, was created by the Lickl Award-winning graphic designer, Kornél Lakatos. The lettering of the perfume will present, for the time, the new font “Pannon Next” created by the typography artist and professor of the University of Pécs, Oszkár Boskovitz.

In the jubilee year, we remember with profound gratitude the many decades spent with our audience and friends, among other things, with the help of these miraculous fragrances. Do take the music and scent with you wherever you go!



The perfumer Csaba Bálint                                                                                                 

The fragrance creator, Csaba Bálint, has been designing his scents in his own perfume manufactory in Kanjiza (Magyarkanizsa), Serbia, for years. His work can be sampled in a niche perfumery in Budapest, and the international perfume union registers his perfumes. Mr Bálint strives for outstanding quality, accomplished by uncompromisingly high-standard components. His passion for the fragrance business and the traditions of scent-making is coupled with state-of-the-art creativity. In harmony with his love for classical music both in his personal life and career, he composed the perfumes SOIRÉE SANS FIN and ACCORD SANS FIN in 2021 for the 210-year-old Pannon Philharmonic.

The concept “niche perfume" refers to the world of perfume manufactories, representing a creative, artistic and unique alternative to the mainstream, industry-scale scents, disclosing a vision, a message or an entire story. It is worth becoming familiar with these creators and the universe of niche perfumeries; nowadays, they have an enormous fan base with tens of thousands of admirers.








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