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INFORMATION - Pannon Philharmonic live concerts in the Kodály Centre - Read and consider carefully prior to attendance!

The concerts of our orchestra take place under the stipulations of Government Decree 194/2021. (IV.26.) of the Hungarian Government (On the amendment of government decrees regulating the emergency protection measures with regards to the third stage of the gradual lifting of restrictive measures).

Dear Audience!


We offer you current information, please read and consider carefully prior to attendance!

You can enter the Kodály Centre in TWO WAYS:


In the opening times of the ticket office:

from Monday to Thursday, from 10 am to 6 pm, on Friday from 10 am to 4 pm

- no immunity certificate needed; face masks are mandatory

- simultaneously, only one person/ticket cashier may enter the building

- the building will be evacuated at 6 pm.

- whoever arrives at the concerts before 6 pm on weekdays may enter the building in accordance with the regulated opening times of the ticket office service.


During concerts:

- the given event begins one hour before the actual concert

- you may enter the venue of the event (the Kodály Centre) only following temperature check and displaying your immunity certificate.

- BRING ALONG a photo ID (identification card, driving license or passport)

The immunity certificate (plastic card) is only valid with the display of the photo ID. Please, keep these documents ready at hand, and present them to our personnel. You may only enter the building by displaying both documents. Paper-based immunity certificates are not accepted.

- BRING ALONG your season ticket, and your ticket (of course you can  buy it before the concert)


Our event hostesses will check your immunity certificate, photo ID, and concert ticket at the main entrance.





- 6 May,  7 PM – The Middle-Class Gentleman - exclusively subscription holders of the Breitner-Series may enter/enjoy the live concert stream online free of charge

- 15 May, 6 PM – Music Revival - exclusively subscription holders of the Pannonicum Series may enter/no live stream is available

- 30 May, 18 PM Hungarian Classical Music Day - tickets are available for sale, but only holders of immunity certificate may enter /enjoy the live concert stream online free of charge

- 9 June,  7 PM – Without Words - exclusively subscription holders of the Kodály/Breitner-Series may enter/ enjoy the live concert stream online free of charge

- 16 June, 7 PM – Ideal music tickets are available for sale, but only holders of immunity certificate may enter 



  • In the concert hall, the first lines of the ground floor will be closed, as follows some of our audience have to change seats. Thank you for your comprehension! The rationale behind this measure is that our musicians will be playing in masks and with social distancing on the stage, as not all of them have been vaccinated. We must, therefore, keep the right distance between the stage and the audience, but we cannot warrant social distancing between members of the audience.


  • The programmes and performers of our concerts have changed due to the pandemic crisis. Thank you for your understanding!


  • For the sake of our standard safety, please, only then attend our events if you feel you can feel safe and sound in the Kodály Centre and will not jeopardise the safety of others.


  • As some of our concerts will be streamed live, please, bear with the view of cameras supported by tripods and on the stage. The part of the auditorium where the cameras obstruct the view will be closed.


  • Owing to the live stream, the start time of the concert is fixed. The admission procedure is carried out at the main entrance, and the use of the cloakroom is mandatory. Because of the time-consuming admission procedure, please, arrive sooner than you usually would.


  • No musician may enter the auditorium, neither may any member of the audience enter the backstage to see the performers in person.








Ticket Office of Kodály Centre

7622 Pécs,
Breuer Marcell sétány 4.

Opening hours:

From Monday to Thursday:
10 AM - 6 PM

10 AM - 4 PM

Telephone inquiries can be made via 72 / 500-300 from Monday to Thursday from 10 AM to 6 PM or on Fridays from 10 AM to 4 PM.


The Headquarters and Rehearsal Room of the Pannon Philharmonic

7622 Pécs,
Breuer Marcell sétány 4.


Public relations

Ms. Blanka Tatrai
sales representative


Press relations

Ms. Csilla Szabó
communication manager
Tel.: +36 30 222 7992