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The ticket office of Pannon Philharmonic is open again at Kodály Centre!

On 10 June, 2020, Pannon Philharmonic began with the renewal of subscriptions for the new season, the sale of new subscriptions as well as the rescheduling or – if required - refunding of individual and season tickets for cancelled concerts. Please note that the ticket office of Kodály Centre can be visited between 10 June and 20 August from Monday to Friday between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. only by prior appointment wearing a mask which covers both your nose and mouth. Book an appointment online on www.kodalykozpontjegyiroda.hu

Dear Audience,


If you are not one of our subscription holders as yet but you wish to purchase a subscription for the next season, you are free to do so online at the website of Jegymester.

For further information on our subscription concert series, please visit our website at www.pfz.hu/berletek

You can purchase your season tickets here: https://www.jegymester.hu/hun/PlaceInfo/461/SeasonTickets/

Season tickets are also available in the ticket office of Kodály Centre in person after making an appointment in advance at www.kodalykozpontjegyiroda.hu

Thank you for opting for buying your tickets online!


If you are one of our existing subscription holders, and

- have not yet informed us about how you wish to proceed regarding the cancelled concerts of your subscription, please contact our colleague, Ms Blanka Tátrai at tatrai.blanka@pfz.hu.

- wish to renew your subscription with seat reservation, you are most welcome to do so on our newly developed online interface dedicated to the renewal of season tickets at www.pfz.hu/berletujitas

- we expect you in Kodály Centre following you pre-registration for an appointment at www.kodalykozpontjegyiroda.hu.

- you have further queries, please contact our helpline from Monday to Friday by phone at +3672 500 300

Thank you for renewing your subscription online!


If you have a ticket for a concert cancelled in the previous season

- we will exchange it between 1 and 30 September, 2020 for the concert of your choice of our season 2020/2021 (New Year’s and Valentine Day concerts cannot be selected.).

- shouldn’t you wish to exchange your ticket(s) for a new one, we will use its price for the support of our orchestra. Thank you for your help!

- Should you neither wish to exchange nor support the orchestra, your ticket can be refunded.

Ticket purchased online will be refunded online. In this case, please notify us of your wish to get full refund and of the details of you ticket at info@jegymester.hu, and Jegymester will transfer the price of your ticket back to your bank account.  Tickets purchased in person can be refunded at the site of purchase. If you bought your ticket in Kodály Centre, please register for an appointment at www.kodalykozpontjegyiroda.hu and then you are welcome to visit our ticket office.


Thank you for exchanging your ticket or supporting our orchestra instead of requesting a refund!


We would like to kindly draw your attention to the fact that Kodály Centre is home to three organisations.

For the ticket management and programmes of our partners, please visit

ZsÖK Nkft.: www.kodalykozpont.hu

Filharmónia Magyarország: www.filharmonia.hu




Ticket Office of Kodály Centre

10.00am – 6.00pm

+36 72/500-300 (EN)


The Headquarters and Rehearsal Room of the Pannon Philharmonic

7622 Pécs,
Breuer Marcell sétány 4.


Public relations

Ms. Blanka Tatrai
sales representative


Press relations

Ms. Csilla Szabó
communication manager
Tel.: +36 30 222 7992