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Refrain 2022/2023 – Kodály Centre, Pécs

Flirt Series



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Nincs már több fellépés ebben a koncertben!

Do you also get sometimes lost in the jungle of information, downloads and playing lists? Do you feel disorientated in the field of classical music? If you don't know what to choose from pieces all with unfamiliar titles and have no idea who is a really good performer and which orchestra you can trust, come along with us in the 2022/23 Season, and we'll help you meet the Right One(s)! Works, soloists and conductors "fit to flirt with" will present you with evergreen pieces of various styles written long ago or recently. At the end of the series, we'll be lying on a meadow under a starry sky and going on a journey of dreams so that music can leave promising and pleasant traces in your heart, similar to a thrilling flirtation.

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  • 21, October 2022, Friday, 7PM, Kodály Centre


Vivaldi, Mozart, Monti Czardas


Antonio Vivaldi: The Four Seasons

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Symphony in C major "Linz Symphony"

Vittorio Monti: Czardas

Conducted by: Michael Maciaszczyk

These works are like old friends showing up at a garden party: they need no introduction; it's enough to enjoy their company.


  • 25, November 2022, Friday, 7PM, Kodály Centre


A shining voice for the benefit of the Rotary Club


Andrea Rost is a bright star of the Hungarian vocal culture. On her birthday, the worldwide celebrated soprano will give a present to the audience and the sponsors of the Rotary Club by taking us on a glorious journey of folk music, world music, klezmer, jazz and the opera. We can flirt with her and the various genres, just as we please.


  • 3 Marc 2023, Friday, 7PM, Kodály Centre


Jazz rhapsody with a Russian symphony


George Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue

Alexey Ribnikov: Symphony No. 6 (Simfonia Tenebrosa)

József Balog – piano

Conducted by: Kesselyák Gergely

Do you know what paints a rhapsody blue? Most probably, a wrong translation... Regardless of this "slip", Gershwin's epoch-making piano piece eliminating the boundaries of jazz and classical music in mere three weeks is in an exciting partnership with the contemporary composer, Ribnikov's symphony created from Russian rock operas and movie soundtracks.



  • 19 May 2023, Friday, 7PM, Kodály Centre


Dreaming under a starry night


Francis Poulenc: La Voix humaine (The Human Voice)

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: A Midsummer Night's Dream

Conducted by: Hamar Zsolt

We are not sure yet who will show us The Human Voice, but we can be certain that Zsolt Hamar's creativity will make us fly on the wings of our imagination under a starry sky, dreaming freely at the final concert of the series while listening to our heart.

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