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Refrain – MÜPA Budapest

Pannon Series – Müpa

Five unforgettable Friday evenings


The next concerts of the series:
From The Clearest Springs 09 December 2022 7.30 pm
Blooming in Heart 27 January 2023 7.30 pm
The Rite of Spring 24 March 2023 7.30 pm
The Triumph Of Life 05 May 2023 7.30 pm

REFRAIN – MÜPA 2022/2023 The humorous hallmark of the new Pannon Philharmonic season’s promotion is the work of a young student designer winning the logo tender of the orchestra. The emblem is Luca Bors’ creative articulation of constancy giving hope and revival in a permanently changing world: PFZ brings music into our lives and a smile on our faces similarly to a recurring refrain. The ensemble moulds the present and builds the future from its legacy. Its profound commitment to quality is the source of extensive joy, and the PFZ subscription series reflect admiration for the beauty of human existence as well as suffering seeking a passageway out of the hardships of life. It is perhaps the very thing that makes it so essential for all of us to immerse in music from time to time.

Season tickets for 4 concerts are still available: 19.920, 17.520, 14.320, 10.320, 8.720 HUF

Pannon Series 20 years old!


“I still recall how adventurous it was to approach MÜPA. You could get to the building only via a footbridge. The interior of the building was completely fascinating. Back then, my subscription seat was on the ground floor, right in the front.”


Our emotions, questions and desires are all with us in the concert hall.

The concerts of Season 2022/2023 offer an example of human perseverance, the appreciation of our shared values and reverence for life. From the perspective of several decades, we can sense many generations' strength radiating from the compositions; by becoming familiar with contemporary masters and listening to their works with our hearts, we can make a unique experience. As subscription holders, you can always rely on the Pannon Philharmonic, who brings you well-known melodies and the tiny details of the concert experience as a refrain once and again. Yet, trusting in their expertise, we can discover a world of novelties and set off on the next journey of our lives with refreshed hearts and minds.

The subscription series of the orchestra famous for its superb productions has a purpose and a message. The musical programme of the Pannon Philharmonic is much more than a few randomly juxtaposed concerts. Enchanté, as the season welcomes us warmly, reminding us that the sole worthwhile way is going back to the Pure Source Only. The concert titles Blooming in Heart, The Rite of Spring and the Triumph of Life give you confidence and hope per sé, even without music. The programme is motivated by musical treats, novelties, rarely or never before performed masterpieces, and the dynamism of constancy. The cutting-edge performance of the orchestra is complemented by the uncompromising musical direction of the ensemble's chief conductor, Tibor Bogányi and the returning guest conductors, Peter Eötvös and Gilbert Varga. The five Budapest concerts encompass compositions ranging from the Classical Period to Romanticism, Late Romanticism, 20th century- and contemporary music, each of which has some surprises in store as well as familiar melodies. Prominent international soloists, such as the violinist Alissa Margulis, cellist Sung-Won Yang, violist Antoine Tamestit, and the soprano Eri Nakamura andconductor Andrei Yurkevich will feature during the season. As Zsolt Horváth, the director of the Pannon Philharmonic remarks, "This orchestra is 210 years old. With deep faith, I profess that music is well above politics, pandemics and wars. We must allow it to work with its own assets. The mission of the Pannon Philharmonic is making music."


You can purchase the season ticket of the Pannon Philharmonic in person or online until the date of the first concert of the series, 30th September 2022.


We kindly ask you to notify us of your wish to renew your subscription by sending an email to tatrai.blanka@pfz.hu, so that we can inform you of all further details.

On 25 March 2022 from 6 pm to 10 pm in the Glass Hall, Müpa

On 6 May 2022 from 6 pm to 10 pm in the Glass Hall, Müpa

In addition to payment in person or by bank transfer, you also can purchase your renewed subscriptions by online card payment on our website www.pfz.hu

VIP category: 23.900 HUF, Category I: 20.900 HUF, Category II: 16.900 HUF, Category III: 11.900 HUF


on the website www.jegymester.hu or in the ticket offices of MÜPA.

VIP category: 24.900 HUF, Category I: 21.900 HUF, Category II: 17.900 HUF, Category III: 12.900 HUF

Our Budapest-based subscription holders receive a 50% discount on their concert tickets in the Kodály Centre. Please, notify us of your wish to attend concerts in advance at tatrai.blanka@pfz.hu.

NEW! For children from 6 to 18 years - free admission - family-friendly price arrangement

The Pannon Philharmonic extends its successfully running family-friendly price arrangement applying to their Pécs subscriptions also to the PFZ-subscription holders in Budapest. In the 2022/2023 concert season, we invite the children (between 6 and 18 years) of our subscription holders to attend the Pannon Series in MÜPA free of charge. The subscriptions can be paid for by bank transfer after the reservation process or purchased in person in the Glass Hall of MÜPA on 6 May 2022. We kindly ask you to notify Ms Blanka Tátrai at tatrai.blanka@pfz.hu of your personalised request of children's subscriptions so that she can help you reserve the seats for the entire family.



Should you need any help with your purchase, please, don't hesitate to contact us at +36 72 500-300.



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