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Pannon Series 2016/2017


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The 2016/2017 season features outstanding talents of the instrumental olympics in the world of music appearing on stage at the Müpa Budapest with the Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra. Some of the greatest musicians, who became legends in the history of this challenging profession, are going to perform pieces by Rachmaninoff, Brahms, Elgar, William Walton and Schumann. Akiko Suwanai, the youngest ever to win the International Tchaikovsky Competition and Marie-Elisabeth Hecker who left such a considerable impression on the jury of the International Rostropovich Cello Competition that her brilliant and fascinating performance was awarded first prize as well as two special prizes, which was unique in the event’s history.

Winning the Olympics is considered to be the peak of a sportsperson’s career. Instrumental olympics constitute milestones for musicians, making the winners queens and kings of the instrument. It could lead to recording contract opportunities, invitations to concert halls to let their art and talent unfold. The kings of our soloists are not young talents any more. Their solo career, built upon their former victory in a competition, is still soaring; László Fenyő plays the cello or Gergely Bogányi the piano the way a mature and intense musician does.  Andrei Gavrilov received international recognition from the Accademia Musicale Chigiana along with such outstanding artists as Gidon Kremer or Anne Sophie Mutter. Subsequent to several international awards and success followed by a period of retirement and revival, Gavrilov is still worthy of the appraisal of the former Italian jury describing him as ‘the greatest pianist of all time’.

Great Russian compositions written at the beginning of the 20th century constitute the spine of the new season. The piano concerto and Symphony No.2 by Rachmaninoff are pieces of rich melodies, extreme emotions and intense passion. ‘Leningrad’ Symphony No.7 by Shostakovich is the longest, monumental piece written for an enormous orchestra, of which loud, sometimes extremely harsh and militaristic sound is still inimitable today.  The series introduces masterpieces written at the turn of the 19th and 20th century by composers of various national and musical background but we do not have to do without the romantics either: at the concert in December, pieces by Brahms and Dvořak are connected by the personal acquaintance of the two composers and their mutual influence on each other. English music of the 20th century is represented by the compositions of two exceptional composers in the season ticket series; Cello Concerto by Edward Elgar and Violin Concerto by William Walton while the revolution and early romantic period is represented by Beethoven’s Fidelio Overture and Schumann’s Cello Concerto.

We can welcome the conductors of the orchestra again, Tibor Bogányi, András Vass and the Estonian conductor, Olari Elts. This is the first time Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra will be performing with Gérard Korsten in the series.


From 1 May 2016 to 7 May 2016

Online payment
From 1 March 2016, the season tickets can be renewed with seat reservation. Please, send your request for renewal to or for details.  The season tickets paid online can be collected in person on the dates and places below, or we send them to you per post.
In person
• On 15 April 2016, 6.00 – 10.00pm: Müpa Budapest, Stair Hall
• On 20 May 2016, 6.00 – 10.00pm: Müpa Budapest, Glass Hall
• From 18 April to 7 May 2016: Alexandra Könyváruház (Bookstore)
  (1055 Budapest, Nyugati tér 7.) Monday-Friday: 12.00–20.00pm; Saturday: 10.00am – 10.00pm

If you show your 2015/2016 season ticket, we give you HUF 1000 renewal discount from the full subscription price!

Discount prices for subscription renewal
Superb: HUF 18.900; 1st category: HUF 16.900; 2nd category: HUF 12.900 Ft; 3rd category: HUF 8.900 Ft


From 1 May 2016

In person
At Müpa Budapest box offices and at the known ticket offices, all over Hungary.

Subscription prices
Superb: HUF 19.900; 1st category: HUF 17.900; 2nd category: HUF 13.900; 3rd category: HUF 9.900

Previous Concerts

Marie and Elgar 2017. May 05. 19:30
Rhapsody and Akiko 2017. March 10. 19:30
Gavrilov and Rachmaninov 2017. January 20. 19:30
Brahms and Bogányi 2016. December 16. 19:30
Fenyő and R. Strauss 2016. November 11. 19:30

Event Calendar

Across Continents

22. Feb, 19:00 | Kodály Centre

Conductor: Gilbert Varga

E.ON Concert Series: Across Continents

23. Feb, 19:30 | Béla Bartók National Concert Hall (Palace of Arts)

Conductor: Gilbert Varga

Artist Entrance 3 – Music Within Arm's Reach

1. Mar, 19:00 | Kodály Centre


2. Mar, 16:00 | Pécs Zoo

SnailShell 6 – Woodwinds from Brass

3. Mar, 15:30 | Kodály Centre

SnailShell 6 – Woodwinds from Brass

3. Mar, 17:00 | Kodály Centre