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Breitner Series 2015/2016


At the Breitner Series concerts, we will welcome our audience on 10 occasions. The series’ 9 concerts defined in advance are same as the Kodály Series concerts but 3; and plus one to be chosen. We offer these Thursday evening productions, beginning at 7pm, for all of them who are exited about our crossover programme every year and who are fancy for the Beethoven work, a very popular one but not have been played for a long time, known as the “Fate” symphony; furthermore, we are expecting those who would like to know Kerngold’s Violin Concerto and would be daydreaming while listening to the dramatic and lyrical music of the Northern See.

The list of the optional concerts shall be find on our website from 2015 September 1; and from that date, the tickets can be reserved at our box office.


Renewal of Earlier Season Tickets, with Seat Reservation


2015 May 3 – June 21, at the Kodály Centre (Address: 7622 Pécs, Breuer Marcell sétány 4. Open: Monday to Saturday 10.00am–6.00pm, Sunday closed. Before Sunday concerts, the ticket office opens one and a half hour prior the performance beginning. Phone: +36-72-500-300).


Buying a New Season Ticket


Season tickets can be purchased from 2015 May 3 to the first concert of the series at the Kodály Centre in Pécs, at the Ticket Expressz offices throughout the contry, and online at

Series prices

Full price of 9+1 concerts

Full price Senior/Student
I. class    HUF 25 800    HUF 20 700
II. class    HUF 21 900    HUF 17 700
III. class    HUF 16 800    HUF 15 900

In case of purchasing group tickets, after 10 people, we give special discount!
You can pay your season tickets in instalments, too. The first instalment (half of the season ticket price) is due at the subscription renewal or at purchasing a new ticket. The second instalment (the second half of the season ticket price) is due at 2015 December 12. In case of failing of paying the second instalment, the subscription gets void. Thank you for your understanding.
At the Kodály Centre, you can pay by PayPass bank card; we also take SZÉP card and Erzsébet cheques.

At our season opening concert, we draw one of our subscribers - a lucky winner who wins a surprise trip!

Previous Concerts

Metamorphose 2016. June 02. 19:00
Passacaglia 2016. May 19. 19:00
Music by... 2016. April 05. 19:00
From the Hebrides to Scotland 2016. February 04. 19:00
The Essence of Baroque 2016. January 14. 19:00
Symphonic Secrets 2015. December 03. 19:00
Viennese Fates 2015. November 19. 19:00
Northern Lights 2015. October 08. 19:00
To the Entirety 2015. September 10. 19:00

Event Calendar

Across Continents

22. Feb, 19:00 | Kodály Centre

Conductor: Gilbert Varga

E.ON Concert Series: Across Continents

23. Feb, 19:30 | Béla Bartók National Concert Hall (Palace of Arts)

Conductor: Gilbert Varga

Artist Entrance 3 – Music Within Arm's Reach

1. Mar, 19:00 | Kodály Centre


2. Mar, 16:00 | Pécs Zoo

SnailShell 6 – Woodwinds from Brass

3. Mar, 15:30 | Kodály Centre

SnailShell 6 – Woodwinds from Brass

3. Mar, 17:00 | Kodály Centre