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Fantastic Concert with Kobayashi

17 May 2018. 19:00 | Kodály Centre

For Grown-Ups | Breitner Series 2017/2018. |


  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Piano Concerto in A major K.488
  • Hector Berlioz: Symphonie fantastique, op.14


Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra


Kobajasi Kenicsiró


Tamás Érdi

Ticket Prices: 5990 » 4990 » 3990 » 1000 Ft

Series ticket price: 26.800 (D/Ny: 21.700) >> 22.900 (D/Ny: 18.700) >> 17.800 (D/Ny: 16.900)

About the Programme

The Japanese conductor, who began his international career in Hungary, and also was elected to an Ambassador of Hungarian Culture in 2010, has played with guest orchestras in Pécs in recent years; but this time he is conducting the Pannon Philharmonic. According to Kobayashi's habit, the show is built up of popular, "classical" works. Mozart wrote his Piano Concerto in A Major, which is counted among the most popular concertos not only in the oeuvre of the Viennese master, but also in the modern era of the history of the genre, written since the 18th century, "in the shadow" of  two stage works, The Impresario and The Marriage of Figaro. Also an epoch-making piece is Berlioz's Fantastic Symphony, which is an important forerunner of 19th-century programme music.

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