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Festive Gala Concert on the Feast Day of Pécs

Sándor Balatoni: Cantate Domino
Sándor Balatoni: Zengjen a dal (Let the Song Play)
Sándor Balatoni: Psalm 24
Sándor Balatoni: Háborús esti harangszó (Evening bells in wartime), Op. 54
Weiner Leó: Serenade for Small Orchestra, Op. 3
Liszt Ferenc: Hungarian Rhapsody No 1 (S.359; the orchestra version of piano Rhapsody No 14.)
Liszt Ferenc: Hungarian Rhapsody No 2 (S.359; orchestra version)

Pannon Philharmonic Festival Choir (choirmasters: András Vass and László Dobos)

Conducted by: András Vass

Concert estimated duration: 70 minutes
Ticket prices: Admission to the concert is free of charge, but ticket acquisition is compulsory. Free tickets can be requested from the end of August 2021 (exact date to be announced shortly) in person in the ticket office of the Kodály Centre.
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It is now an established tradition that the Pannon Philharmonic is to organise a festive gala concert to honour the Feast Day of Pécs. Besides the orchestra, also the Pannon Philharmonic Festival Choir – under the leadership of the two choral conductors, László Dobos and András Vass – will take to the stage; this time, the two ensembles will be playing under the baton of their permanent conductor, András Vass.

This year, the programme of the festive gala concert will provide a retrospect on the history of Hungary. We will set off in the present, as the first part of the concert will focus on the choral pieces of the young Pécs-born organ player and composer, Sándor Balatoni. Through his compositions, we can gain some insight into the development of the choral culture in Hungary living on after Kodály in the 21st century. Subsequently, the audience can enjoy a Serenade for Small Orchestra by a great chamber musician of his time but a less well-known composer, Leó Weiner. As it is numbered Op.3, it can be regarded as one of the maestro's early compositions. Weiner' music is an excellent example of what young composers envisaged as the future of music around the 19th and 20th centuries. Finally, two widely-known pieces will be performed: Liszt’s two Hungarian Rhapsodies, the second of which also made a career in the cinema: among others, as the soundtrack of Ludas Matyi (Mattie the Goose-Boy), but we can also hear it as one the most frequently evoked Hungarian tunes of American movies.

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