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Dance of the Prince and Pulcinella

25 Mar 2017. 18:00 | Kodály Centre

For Grown-Ups | Pannonicum Series 2016/2017. |


  • Gioacchino Rossini: The Thieving Magpie - overture
  • Igor Sztravinszkij: Pulcinella - suite
  • Bartók Béla: The wooden prince


Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra


Howard Williams

One of Britain’s most experienced conductors on the international platform, Howard Williams has covered a formidable range of work both in the opera house and concert hall, with a quite exceptionally large and broadly-based symphonic repertoire and over seventy opera titles to his credit.
In the UK, he has…


Ballet Pécs

Balázs Vincze


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About the Programme

This evening is actually a continuation of a September 2016 concert. There were on the programme Béla Bartók’s other musical dance-play, The Miraculous Mandarin and one of the most important compositions of Stravinsky's neo-classical period, the opera Oedipus Rex. This time, from Stravinsky, you can hear again one piece of the said creative period, the Pulcinella from 1920, which is an odd mixture of ballet and oratorio. The composer wrote this piece based the ideas of his permanent co-worker and commissioner, the leader of the Russian Ballet, Sergei Diaghilev, reworking the 18th century music of Giovanni Pergolesi. Bartók wrote few years earlier, in the middle of 2010s his first major musical pantomime, the The Wooden Prince, which tells the story of a strange love triangle between the Princess, the Prince and his wooden counterpart. In the music of the piece based on a libretto by Béla Balázs, the Wagnerian romanticism, the Hungarian folk-music and Bartók’s unmistakable modernist voice are mixed with each other.

The special feature of the evening is Balázs Vincze’s choreography, which is completing the concert-like performance.


Márton  Szabó – Prince
Brigitta  Vincze – Princess
Írisz  Nagy – Fairy
Szilárd  Tuboly – The Wooden Puppet
Réka Domány, Virág Zoé Hoffman, Mónika Kócsy, Theodóra Szécsi, Zsófia Tandi, Edina Frank, Janka Nier, Flóra Alexa Zsoldos, Máté Harka, Soma Lő Kerekes


Stage and Costume Designer: Zsuzsa Molnár

Choreographer Assistant:  Katalin Ujvári

Director-Choreographer: Balázs Vincze

Note that there is a change of the original information: the last Bartók Pentathlon is going to be held connected to the April 25 concert.

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