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Clarinet, Golden Retriever and Fishing Rod

The Pannon’s principal clarinetist played his diploma concert on 12 December 2016. This DLA concert, his several-decade-long musicianship, a clarinet quartet, walks int he woods of Mecsek, and many other interesting things came u pin the interview with Zoltán Arnóth.
You can read the interview in Hungarian here.


Event Calendar

Music by…

28. Feb, 19:00 | Kodály Centre

Conductor: Gábor Hollerung

Giuseppe Verdi: Macbeth

3. Mar, 19:00 | National Theatre of Pécs

Conductor: Kovács János és Oberfrank Péter

Rhapsody and Akiko

9. Mar, 19:00 | Kodály Centre

Conductor: Olari Elts

Rhapsody and Akiko

10. Mar, 19:30 | Béla Bartók National Concert Hall (Palace of Arts)

Conductor: Olari Elts

BeanSack for 0-3-year-olds

14. Mar, 16:00 | Kodály Centre

Festive Gala Concert

15. Mar, 19:00 | Kodály Centre

Conductor: Dániel Erdélyi