Pannon Philharmonic

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Company Data

Pannon Philharmonic - Pécs Public Benefit Non-Profit Limited Liability Company

(Pannon Filharmonikusok - Pécs Közhasznú Nonprofit Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság)


Short firm name
Pannon Philharmonic - Pécs Non-Profit Ltd.

(Pannon Filharmonikusok - Pécs Nonprofit Kft.)


Firm registration number


Tax registration number

VAT number
HU 23932539


Statistical registration mark number


You can finf our contacts at the following link:


Execitive Officers
Zsolt Horváth director
Salary per month: HUF 550 000
To the director, premium can be granted according to the Remuneration policy.


Supervisory Board
Dr. Gyula Zeller, Csaba Vicze, Dr. József Schmidt
Remuneration per month: SB members: HUF 50 000; chairman: 60 000


TVH-Audit Ltd.
Remuneration per month: HUF 50 000

Event Calendar

Serse, or The Gods Must Be Crazy Here

3. May, 19:00 | Kodály Centre

Conductor: Balázs Kocsár

Giuseppe Verdi: Macbeth

3. May, 19:00 | National Theatre of Pécs

Conductor: Kovács János és Oberfrank Péter

1MoreChance! Series for the Ones in Need

4. May, 10:00 | Kodály Centre

Conductor: András Vass

Marie and Elgar

4. May, 19:00 | Kodály Centre

Conductor: András Vass

Marie and Elgar

5. May, 19:30 | Béla Bartók National Concert Hall (Palace of Arts)

Conductor: András Vass

Classical Kobayashi

13. May, 18:00 | Kodály Centre

Conductor: Kobajasi Kenicsiró